The Value of Dollar Cost Averaging

It has been argued that the best way to invest in the stock market is with a lump sum of capital that can be properly diversified across several asset classes. But, for many people with a desire to achieve long term growth, that is not possible because they’ve yet to accumulate a lump sum of capital...

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Why Bear Markets Don’t Matter

If you’ve been listening to the financial media of late you have no doubt heard some of the so-called experts prognosticating on the prospect of the next big bear market. Unquestionably, the stock market is at another crossroads, and its early percentage increase this year belies the concerns that most people have over the global economy...

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Top 5 Things 20-Somethings Need to Do

If you’re in your 20s, rejoice! You’re in a great position to create the life you want, starting with a secure financial future. While it’s common to feel overwhelmed when entering the workforce full time, there are a lot of things you can do fresh out of college that will help you attain your professional and financial goals earlier than you may expect. Here are a few suggestions to help you get started...
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